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I strongly don't recommend Bo-rent to anybody!

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My experience with Bo-rent (Delft) tells me to never go there again and even not thinking about renting a car from any other agency. I rented a car some days ago 50 euro per day but at the end it turn out to be 140 euro. I can explain how: basically it was for 24 hours but I return the car with 1 hour delay. This delay cost me the rent of one full day! when I went to ask about it, they said the maximum delay of 15 min is acceptable and is in the contract that you have signed! Actually they don't tell you in advance and you will sign a contract with zones of lines and very small letters in few seconds! Total cost for me was 140 euro: 100 euro for two days, 20 euro for tax and 20 euro for something else maybe insurance. One more thing is that the staff are very UNFRIENDLY and RUDE!!! I strongly don't recommend Bo-rent to anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!